pay by phone casino IphoneAll players were beginners once. Some of them made a small homework and read a bit first about casino bonus on the casino site. Others learned by experimenting with different options while playing casino.
On our site, we want to give you a great opportunity to become more aware of the meaning of some widely offered casino bonuses.

You definitely heard of or saw high deposit bonus or offer to start playing for free. What is it all about? How to find fun between rich deals from gambling industry and not get lost? There are deposits, free spins and no deposit casino bonus, bonuses on deposit and some bonuses without deposit. What is the difference between them?

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Here you can find the answer and check what kind of casino bonus looks best for you.

£5 no deposit bonus
Match bonus up to £200
Constant promotions
ReviewPLAY pay by phone casino logo1000 Welcome bonus
200 free spins
Live casino available pay by phone casino logoUp to 100 free spins
Up to €100 match bonus
Great selection of games
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No deposit bonus £5
1st deposit bonus 200%, 50 free spins
2nd deposit bonus 100% up to £200


Deposit bonuses

casino bonus pay by phoneThe most popular bonus offered by casinos is a deposit bonus. It is as well the most popular WELCOME bonus. Deposit bonus as welcome one means that casino will increase your first deposit. Sometimes it can be 50% or more. We read about offers even up to 200% as welcome deposit bonus, so for a start, you can get double funds to play with. Who does not like free money? It is important to remember and always worth checking in the game regulations what particular bonus is given to us as casinos offer deposits increase only up to a certain amount. Especially, when a casino offers high match bonus, then very often some other restrictions are set up before you actually get it.

To be precise: when you deposit £30, you will receive with 100% welcome bonus of £60 – an easy way to double your money to play for. It means that a 100% deposit bonus will double your funds, 200% bonus will triple it and so on and so forth.

An alternative way of giving bonuses is to offer a player a kind of gadgets or gratuity. It can be very different between casinos, however, it is always good to get some funny stuff to enjoy it for free.

Free Casino bonus

Some casinos  in their bonus offer have free casino bonuses without deposit:

  • Free spins
  • Cash bonus upon registration

Free spins can be very useful when you are simply starting the adventure with a new game. You do not need to deposit any money but still, you are getting free opportunity to play and try the game. Free spins and Free bonus upon registration are not big ones, £4 – £8. However, it is fairly enough to play with and get a feeling if we like or dislike a particular game. Free casino bonuses normally are automatically assigned to your account as rewards after registration.

Generally, automatically assigned to your account upon registration. Please keep in mind that free casino bonus is for casinos very important as their role is to attract new players. Casinos give them chance to explore the new game and become familiar with fame and roles in the game. However, nobody is giving stuff totally for free. Casinos are giving us these great opportunities to play for free with believing that we will like their games and come back to them with some deposits.

Free Spins Casino Bonus

The Free spins are very widely and gladly used by casinos as a form of granting the bonuses. Players collect free spins as automatically assigned rewards for registration with no deposit bonus or are given as some additional bonus for making a by phone casino free spins

It can be very different between casinos and their offer, however, most probably you will need to spend free spin on the predefined slot. No deposit bonus you can spend wherever you wish to play on the particular gambling site.

This kind of combination of bonuses is giving the players a possibility to try a lot of games and learn very fast which are actually for them. And this is an extremely important part, especially for beginning players. Of course, not everything can be great for players. Casino free spins very often can give us a winning wagering. However, not necessarily it means we will get a possibility to withdraw this money directly from the game.

You ask yourself what is better: free spin or no deposit bonus. We personally like both. There are some players that prefer free spin and it gives them a chance to learn fast about game pros and cons. However, still, the majority of players are going for the combination of both. Having easy access to free spins in the new games on the market or through no deposit bonus, as no money invested – no lost.

The most popular set up of bonuses for players are free spins and bonuses on top of the deposit. As they are giving both – excitement from discovering new games through free spins and having real chances for high winning from good casino deposit bonuses.


As we mentioned above, the favourite type of bonuses among casino players is a deposit bonus. The most important are to use the bonus while making the deposit. The best deposit bonus is the one that you get while you are depositing for the first time.
So-called casino welcome bonus are very often most valuable, 100% deposit bonus is the most common one (it doubles your deposit). You can get higher bonuses, however always remember to check what is written in the small letters under unexpectedly high welcome bonus. You can later get very disappointed seeing some surprising restrictions for withdrawing your won money.

Be conscious of the risks and have as much fun as possible by using the given bonuses to you. Try different sites and look for many campaigns to learn what type of games gives you most profit and fun.