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Boku slots are one of the most fun ways of entertaining yourself through gambling. These are very easy to get into. The reason is that slots are small, fun games, allowing you to play themselves whenever and wherever you want. They are very popular, so you might have already know someone playing Boku slots.

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What exactly the term Boku slots mean? It’s pretty simple. The “Boku slots” refers to the slot casino games and Boku pay by mobile which is a payment method. Boku pay by mobile is the top provider of mobile payments through your phone bill. It means that you can have the entire gambling experience in your pocket. You can use mobile casino’s app allows you to play the best Boku slots, and of course, you can pay by Boku, too. That way you can deposit and play using one and the same device.

Finally, if you are here, you have been probably looking for Boku slots. And we will be happy to introduce you to that topic. First of all, let’s talk about Boku payment method because there is no winning without depositing first!

Boku pay by mobile

Boku slots are often the topic on our site. The reason is that we want everyone to know about the main advantages of paying by phone bill. That’s why we like to remind you why Boku slots are popular and a lot of people love playing them.

boku slotsFirst of all, if you’ve already heard about Boku, you probably know it’s limited to the UK. In order to use Boku slots, you need to have the UK phone number. The good thing, though, is that is all you need to use Boku. Still, the limited country is a pity, considering how profitable it is to use Boku pay by mobile. There are similar methods of payment, but these usually include fees. But let’s get to the point: why is Boku so good?

To start with, Boku has no fees. The entire amount you use in the transaction goes to the receiver. There is only one such option in the world. Usually, when paying by phone bill you lose a lot to very high fees, but here you can forget about that. Boku slots’ popularity is mostly thanks to this trait. The ease and profitability of such payments make this one the best payment solutions in the world.

What is equally important – Boku is entirely safe to use. You probably have already heard about it from friends or other close ones that use it. The whole brand provides its multiple services around the whole world. Boku operates since 2009, and pay by phone is the Accredited Payment Intermediary of Payforit.

The final thing is to explain in three simple steps how to deposit to Boku slots:

  1. Choose ‘Boku pay by mobile’ payment method.
  2. Check the amount of transaction and enter your mobile number.
  3. Confirm payment by responding ‘Y’ to the SMS.

The advantages of playing slots with Boku

Right now, let’s get to know in details why is Boku the best choice for slots. As you already know, these two things work well together. Finally, we will describe why.

The amounts you can pay with Boku are perfect for the safe and fun experience with slots. You are allowed to pay a max. of £10 at once, up to £30 during the day. The people playing high stakes may not be impressed, though. Then, if you want to deposit a lot of money, you won’t be doing that with your phone bill – there are better-suited methods than that.

boku slots

On the other hand, these limits have a lot of advantages. They help keep the experience healthy, making you play the casino for fun rather than for winning. Of course, you can and probably will win in the casino, but you shouldn’t ever deposit money you’re not prepared to lose. To keep the fun healthy, you need to deposit with having in mind you probably already have lost the money. This way you will only deposit the money that you would spend anyway.

What is more, the small amounts and limits allow you to control your spending better. When gambling, you should always overlook how much you spend and how much you play. That way you can easily tell if gambling is affecting you in a bad way or not.

Another good thing about Boku pay by mobile is that you can use it to claim welcome bonuses in casinos. Most promotions or bonuses in Boku slots need a deposit of min. £10 or £20. You can easily claim these with Boku, that way you won’t miss any extra offers.

Finally, Boku slots have another very important advantage. In order to deposit with Boku, you don’t need to fill up any of your personal info. It’s a completely anonymous service. Even on your phone bill, you get at the month’s end, there will be no traces of gambling transactions. Why is this important? Keep in mind using your credit card for gambling can have consequences. It will affect your mortgage application and ability to take a loan. Banks don’t like gambling transactions at all. As you can see, this is not only caring about privacy, being anonymous has specific advantages. While using Boku slots you share only your phone number, nothing else. It serves as your ID and a contact method.

As you can see, there is a lot to say about this small, but great payment method. Therefore, we hope we provided you with the all most important details.

Choose the most fun Boku slots!

All in all, we know everything about the deposit method we will use. Now, it’s a good time to check out the games there are to play.

The core of our entertainment is specific titles among slots. And here we encounter, maybe the best trait of slots. There are so many to choose from! Most casinos have the bottom line of 300 different slots to play. Yeah, that’s true, imagine how much time (and money) it would take to play through every one of them. Because of that, Boku slots are so popular. The big variety comes from the fact that Boku slots are small games with simple mechanics. This is another trait of the whole genre, simple and intuitive gameplay allowing you to win a lot.

boku slots

Boku slots are great games, and if you are a fan of a specific film or theme, you can be sure you will find something for you. Slots come in many different graphic styles and themes. Some are based on popular films. You will find titles referring to the Games of Thrones, for example. There are also lots of other slots with popular superheroes as themes, etc. Finally, there are also very popular well-established titles. These are Startburst, Phantom of the Opera, Aloha!, Foxin’ Wins, Gonzo’s Quest and much much more!

If you happen to not care about graphics and themes of slots, but more about statistics and wins, there are also solutions for that. Some casinos let you sort the slots by different conditions. For example, you can sort slots in order from the most frequent wins to the least frequent. From the highest wins to the lowest, etc.

Finally, you have to know where to look for the best Boku slots. And our site is the best for that! We include a lot of reviews, and many casinos we feature have Boku as a payment option. While browsing, you can check it easily in the ‘Deposit’ section. Our reviewers are professionals who always include the most important details of the casino, so you won’t miss anything while reading such review. Because of that, we welcome you to check these out.

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