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Make yourself familiar with Boku pay by mobile casino

In this article, we would like to show you the casinos with Boku pay by mobile casino payment option. What those have to offer? A lot, and we will describe all the details in the text below!

First of all, let’s talk a bit about mobile casinos as an introduction. Those casinos gained popularity recently, just as smartphones gained popularity. Since such casino is highly connected to a mobile phone, there grew a need for a good mobile payment method. That’s how Boku pay by mobile was created. It lets you make transactions fully with your phone bill and without a fee. Later in the article, we will come back to this topic to talk about the exact details.

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That great combo created a lot of its fans. People play their best casinos with on their smartphones. The most popular are slots, you can play those basically anywhere. That is because slots are fairly small games, that can be easily converted to the mobile ground. That way a lot of casinos created their mobile apps and light versions of their sites. These easily allow you to play with your phone, since now basically everyone uses smartphones. That’s how the modern technology changes our view of things. Right now you can have an entire casino in your hand. That’s fun!

Finally, let’s get into details. The first thing we have to talk about is what unique things exactly Boku pay by phone gives to its customer.

Boku pay by mobile casino deposit – a unique payment option

Boku pay by mobile casinoTo start with, many people in various countries would like to use Boku pay by mobile. Yes, the fact is you can use it only while being a resident of the UK. Therefore, the one and only requirement to use that solution are to have the UK phone number. Considering that, let’s see why is it good.

Firstly, Boku allows you to pay without a fee with your phone bill. That’s right, you can deposit in a casino with Boku for free. The whole transaction amount goes to the receiver. That is the merit, which is almost unique in the world since usually, you have to pay a fee for your mobile provider when using an SMS to transfer funds.

Secondly, this method is extremely safe. Yeah, it’s a strong phrase, but let’s explain. Not only Boku has been already tested by thousands, if not millions, it requires none of your personal data. Nowadays there are third-party payment methods that require the login and password of your bank account. Comparing Boku to that lets you say it’s extremely safe to use. The only thing you are sharing is your phone number and nothing else. Obviously, Boku is legal and meets all the regulations and safety requirements. It holds the title of the Accredited Payment Intermediary of Payforit. And still, that is not all! Another safety mechanic of Boku is the transaction limits. Let’s describe them in details.

Boku pay by mobile casino deposit has a limit of the transaction amount. That is because of a few things. First of all, this solution doesn’t use your bank account, but your phone bill. It’s obvious you don’t have lots of funds there. Because of that such method doesn’t have to be able to make huge transactions. What is more, it is even better to have limits to avoid overspending and getting a bill in the thousands. That is why Boku pay by mobile lets you deposit only £10 at a time, up to £30 a day. Those amounts are perfect for healthy slots gamble in your favourite casino. Moreover, you are not able to overspend with this method. You are also safe in case someone stole your phone, your little child gets to play with it, etc.

All in all, Boku is profitable and safe. What more? Well, it is also very easy to use. As we mentioned before, you only need a UK phone number to use it. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you have a contract for your phone or do you use a prepaid card. The process of paying in a casino with pay by phone is easy. Let’s see it step by step.

  1. Find the ‘Pay with your mobile number’ payment method.
  2. The site will redirect you Boku’s payment panel. You need to check if the amount on the screen is correct. Then enter your mobile number.
  3. A text message will appear on your phone. At no extra cost, you authenticate the payment by responding ‘Y’.
  4. The most important step. Have fun playing!

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Casinos with Boku pay by mobile

Finally, we know what is Boku. But now we have to know a little more about the casinos using it.

BOKU - UK pay by phone casinoFirst of all, when you find a Boku casino, usually it will be a mobile casino or casino supporting mobile phones. How to find a Boku casino? It’s easy, you can quickly browse through reviews list on our site. It should be clearly stated if Boku pay by phone is available in the given casino. Most of the casinos we feature have Boku pay by mobile as a payment method, so don’t worry.

Obviously, Boku isn’t only limited to mobile casinos, there are bigger places featuring this payment method. But still, what one should expect when encountering the mobile casino?

Firstly, mobile casinos usually have simple and responsive sites even for a desktop computer. On the other hand, big top casinos have separate versions for smartphones and desktops. A mobile casino commonly features a big variety of slot games. Slots are very popular among customers, what is more, those are fairly small and easy to do games. There are a lot of providers of slots, the biggest among them are NEKTAN and NetEnt.

Most casino sites have a clearly visible FAQ and Terms & Conditions. It is always good to be familiar with those. Many casinos also include very good support, you can contact it by e-mail. But live chat available 24/7 becomes more and more popular.

All in all, we hope we prepared you for the adventure with gambling. We wish it will be healthy, fun and… lucky of course!

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